Discover the HERitage of GIADA Cashmere

GIADA’s documentary The Beginning of HERitage tells the story about the cashmere family of Bellini in Bergamo, Northern Italy. Angelo Bellini established a cashmere atelier for GIADA. He had passion for everything about beauty: art, music, and craftsmanship to make cashmere coats.

Cashmere of the highest grade comes from goats of the desert in Inner Mongolia, where the extreme environment cultivates the softest cashmere. The goats’ fleece becomes the pure fibers after shearing and combing.

The fleece is then processed and spun, put on cones on a tread, then knitted into fabric. With carding and the handiwork by the craftsmen, the fabrics are transformed into cashmere coats.

Angelo Bellini made a cashmere coat for his grand-daughter Rossella Bonetti. It’s the spirit of HERitage, the pursuit for beauty, an elegant way of living and an ode to craftsmanship.